Eye Serum

“Very good value when compared to other similar products”

“I have been using this serum from over five months now. The Moksha products are amazing. At 57 years old, I could not ask for anything else. The serum has improved the skin around my eyes significantly. I highly recommend this product and brand.”


“Pleased, satisfied and will be keeping this on hand.”

“I normally wouldn't recommend a product unless I see results. And this actually did yield some subtle diminishing of fine lines/wrinkles in the eye are after using 2 x's a day.”


“The skin around my eyes feels firmer and the fine lines are diminishing”

“Just started using this, and I really really like the feel, too early to tell if it makes a difference, but it sure feels good, and does not bother my eyes. It goes on smooth and should offer high quality moisture retention. I like it so far. Have been pleased with the seller follow-up as well.”


“ALWAYS part of my facial regimen and I use it for all of my face!”

“I love the eye serum, I have seen a big difference in just 2 days. My eyes are not as puffy and I don't seem to have any more eye irritation. It works great under make up after it soaks in to the skin, which it does quickly. Thank you for caring enough about your clientele to create a wonderful and truly natural product. I have very sensitive skin and am relieved to have finally found something that really works, even better than I had hoped for!!!! You will now have a loyal customer for your natural product line. Again thank you for the relief you have offered me and am looking forward to trying more of what you offer!!”



Face Serum

“It is an amazing product. I am 72 years old and can ...”

“I recently purchased this product. It is an amazing product. I am 72 years old and can see a significant improvement around my eyes. I can only imagine how well this product works on younger skin. Definitely will purchase again.”


“Leaves skin soft and moisturized”

“I gave the Bath Salts Stress Relief to my mum and she said it was a wonderful Christmas gift. I knew how much she loves Bath Salts. Thank you for making my mums Christmas a relaxed and wonderful one! Happy New Year for 2019.”


“Finally a RETINOL Serum That Works !”

“I am 66 yrs young from Suffolk. I have bought so many other serums and retinol cream, that I could open a retail store. I am sure you can all relate to this. Sometimes you think the higher the price the better the product. This is far from the truth especially when you aren’t seeing any results. This product is the bomb ladies and gentlemen. After cleansing face thoroughly, I use a toner with rose water then pat dry. I then apply my Retinol Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. A little goes along ways as you only need to apply a thin layer then let dry. I then put a good moisturiser on. The following morning after just one time of applying and cleansing skin you will have a nice glow. Thank you Deepika for all the hard work you have put into this great product. Now I believe the 60’s is truly the new forty’s


“My wife loves this and strongly recommends it!”

“My wife loves this product and highly recommends it. She tells me you will not be dissatisfied at all and you should trust it and know it will satisfy you.”



Shower Gel

“Really makes the skin feel good”

“Have been buying this tea tree shower gel for a while, unlike similar products this works having good level of tea tree oil and smells good with good lather. Please keep making this! This shower gel is very useful in the hot weather we have been having the last few days.”

—Jenny B

“A really effective body wash”

“This is my favourite brand of body wash. I have sensitive skin that is irritated easily, but I never have that problem when using this. Smells fresh with a unisex fragrance (not overly masculine/feminine); great for co-ed bathrooms. That too helped my suffering it does do what it says on it”

—Jo Ann

“Does exactly what it says, and love the smell”

“Leaves the skin clean and clear been using for a while now and very happy with it. So far, I am really satisfied with this shower gel. It lathers great and has a nice scent.”


“This Moksha shower gel works”

“It is priced higher that other tea tree shower gels, but well worth the price, it does work so will definitely buy again, won’t even bother looking for any other product at lower price.”




“A lovely fragrant shampoo”

“My wife really likes this shampoo, with the tea tree and lavender it has a lovely fragrant smell, and it seems to wash her her really well,I would highly recommend this shampoo”

—Particia L

“The shampoo works perfectly as expected”

“The smell is indeed strong, but it's supposed to be so. Moreover, it's a nice scent, it reminds me of my childhood. I bought it as head lice prevention, I used it twice and so far it seems to be working”

—Manu BV

“Perfect product; Just what I needed”

“I love the texture and feel of this shampoo; A little goes a long way. The aroma mixed with the steam of a hot shower is refreshing. The product itself has help me on managing my itchy scalp. Very pleased with this product”

—Ian Stacey

“Less itchy scalp, such a relief”

“Well.. I have no dandruff but suffer from itchy scalp and spots…I have been using this shampoo every 2 days and and my scalp is getting better. So it looks like it is a good product and I like the scent after I washed my hair.”



Pink Salt

“Results, value, customer service!”

“Such a good product, they were bought for my partner to see if they helped ease his backache and they did just that, they were so good I had to try them myself. Delivery came early which was brilliant as we could try them sooner. Would 100% buy again.”


“Absolutely love the smell!”

“I absolutely adore the product. The scent is absolutely amazing and my bathroom feels like a spa. I suffer with a degenerative spinal condition and fibromyalgia so these beautiful salts really help me.”


“Great for a home spa evening!”

“Absolutely brilliant service the aroma is wonderfully refreshing and relaxing and good value. Was like bathing in a peppermint tea! Great product, met my expectations in 100%. Also helped clear sinuses, would recommend.”


“Divine smell!”

“Smell is divine and makes bathroom even more relaxing. Absolutely Brilliant! I Love it. Love it, Love it! Hope to continue doing business with you. Thank you.”



Green Salt

“These are truly wonderful foot bath salts”

“This jar came well wrapped and on time.These are truly wonderful foot bath salts Because of the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus the aroma is fantastic!It is strong and cleared my sinuses with one sniff !! Although the salts are not soft when dry they kept in hot water and they make the water feel soft and silky. It made my feet feel clean and soft. I love them.”


“Natural tea tree bath salts”

“This product is great and natural, pretty much natural with dead sea salts, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. The colour of the salts is vibrant, and on opening the jar, the aroma of the Eucalyptus filled the bathroom. This product has a wonderful aroma, and the salts were bliss to bathe in.”


“Family run business in UK”

“These bath salts are exceptionally good. I ordered these bath salts to give them a try as I wanted something that was made in UK and not the cheaper versions from China.The fragrance is absolutely amazing. My husband kept admiring the scent even after my bath.I have always loved supporting small businesses and I was very happy to find that these bath salts were manufactured by a family business.I would highly recommend these bath salts. I will definitely be ordering them again.”

—Karen Palmer

“Love the smell of eucalyptus”

“These salts are lovely the smell is brilliant and my skin feels really nice when I get out of the bath they also make me feel nice and relaxed and have helped me drop off to sleep better.”



White Salt

“Luxurious relaxing experience”

“I don’t remember spending times soaking on long baths when I used to live in Brazil. However, baths started to make more sense to me since I have moved to the UK. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a dip in the hot tube after a stressful cold day. This is my second purchase after buying the lavender and chamomile bath salts. They smell amazing and leave your skin feeling soft, would recommend. ”


“Cruelty Free, UK Made and the smell is just WOW!”

“I got the Stress Relief - Lavender, Chamomile and Orange to try on because I love this combination of fragrances. The first impressions were all good. A 100% natural ingredients bath salt that does not mess around with animals. I believe the beauty industry is more concerned about the benefits of their products to people and the planet. It’s always a positive mark! As soon as I started running my bath, I have noticed the essences of lavender took over not only the bathroom but the bedroom as well. It has a pleasant and fresh fragrance, not overpowering. It comes in a 450 grams packaging. As I just needed a small quantity of salt to run a decent bath, I guess you ended up saving money with the product. And, the packaging has another positive mark. It is made of PET plastic, which is 100% recycled. No wasted plastic in this one.It was definitely an interesting and different experience. As soon as I have stepped I could feel my skin absorbing the product quickly. The feeling was of the skin is not only moisturised but also rejuvenated.I am sure there are plenty of dead and dry skin effects in your body during the summer too, as a natural skin exfoliator, salt baths help to cleanse the toxins, and boost its natural immunity.In my opinion, the fragrance is the best feature in this product. I like the benefits of an effective bath, but the smell of the essential oils in this product really got my heart. I was addicted to the combination of lavender and chamomile. And I will look for more Moksha products after this pleasant experience”

—Simone Ribeiro

“A truly beautiful bath product for body and mind.”

“Smells like lovely lavender. I put a cap worth into the bath and it works wonderfully to enable a soothing bath. These salts are lovely the smell is brilliant and my skin feels really nice when I get out of the bath they also make me feel nice and relaxed and have helped me drop off to sleep better.”


“Absolutely brilliant service”

“I gave the Bath Salts Stress Relief to my mum and she said it was a wonderful Christmas gift. I knew how much she loves Bath Salts. Thank you for making my mums Christmas a relaxed and wonderful one! Happy New Year for 2019.”




“Very efficient service excellent product”

“Last year I started having pain in my left knee. Had it checked out to find it was wear and tear arthritis. It’s mainly in the morning when I wake up. I was told about Turmeric is worth trying as it helps arthritis. I have been taken 1 capsule per day for the last week and a half. I have definitely noticed a difference. And my knee has improved. . . Hopefully it will improve once I have taken these capsules for a longer period. These are definitely worth trying if you are suffering pain in joints.  It made in England and organic. So I trust it to be good”


“Great find - organic and vegan too”

“First time trying this brand and I opted for these as they are organic and suitable for vegans and I like that they are one a day. The size is nice and they are easy to swallow. The contents are sealed and a best before date is also provided with a nice long date. I like that I can easily open the bottle as sometimes I struggle with other brand packaging. The price point is perfect too for 120, I will definitely be buying these again.”


“Very happy with the products of this company, brilliant service”

“I have a few times about the healing power of Turmeric over pain in joints. I just managed to get a source to buy it with ease. To my surprise, it was magical even from the first capsule that I took before bed, 700mg. I woke as a different person and could not believe that I could climb stairs and walk without feeling any pain in my knees cap. I first thought I was dreaming and throughout the day nothing was felt, now I am advertising it to my friends and family. I recommend that you just have a trial as a seeing is believing.”

—Jack B

“Nice organic capsules”

“I take turmeric everyday for its anti-inflammatory effects for arthritis in my back and neck. These capsules have been very effective at reducing the pain and making me feel less stiff. I feel like my digestion has also improved since taking them as I feel less bloated. I will continue to use this for my joints because I prefer to take organic natural foods over painkillers that are bad for your stomach.”


“Easy to swallow turmeric tablets”

“These are great, I have tried different types and products and these have worked really well and great price too. I have issues with my neck and knees and I can notice a difference if I don’t take these. I take two at night and two in a morning religiously now. My husband is now taking them, he used to take some that were three times the price.”


“Organic Turmeric capsules made in UK”

“I bought these as i've read that Turmeric Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties that aid healthy-looking skin, boosts serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and potential anti-cancer properties. it also helps to improve symptoms of depression and arthritis which i hope are many moons away, but no harm in getting in there earlyTurmeric and especially its most active compound cur-cumin have many scientifically-proven health benefits, such as the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer. It's a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritis, its also beneficial that they’re made in the UK”


“Love the product. Will buy again”

“I take Turmeric every day as part of my runner's supplements and I believe it helps with any aches or pains from vigorous exercise. I usually go for the more expensive brands and like to buy organic and this ticks all the right boxes. You get a better supplement if you buy a decent one like this brand. I recommend.”