Tea Tree Shower Gel

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In most Asian countries, green tea has been around for thousands of years but it is now consumed worldwide. It was discovered circa 2700BC. Used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years, tea tree oil is native to Australia and has incredibly powerful healing and medicinal properties. Ancient Aborigines extracted the oil by crushing tea tree leaves and used it for treating skin conditions and respiratory infections.

A highly versatile oil, tea tree essential oil or Melaleuca oil is known to treat a lot of different ailments. Traditional and more recent tea tree oil uses and benefits include:
Relieves and eliminates acne - Quite a few studies have shown that tea tree oil is a potent acne fighter. One study that compared tea tree oil gel with a placebo documented that the oil was 3 times more effective at reducing acne lesions and almost 6 times as effective in reducing the severity of the acne. The study concluded by stating that, "topical 5% tea tree oil is an effective treatment for mild to moderate acne vulgaris."

Lightens scars and blemishes - Has your acne left behind troublesome scars that never seem to go away? Store bought scar creams can be expensive and contain harsh chemicals. Tea tree oil not only helps to combat acne blemishes but also helps in scar healing and lightening.

Removes blackheads - With its highly effective disinfecting and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil not only helps treat acne, but also helps to dry out blackheads. The oil penetrates deep into the skin to disinfect, dry and unclog pores, helping to eliminate and prevent blackheads resulting in fresh, clean looking skin.

Treats cuts, scrapes and wounds - Tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic properties, making it excellent for treating wounds and preventing infections caused by minor cuts, scrapes and burns.Tea tree oil contains terpenes which power the oil with highly antimicrobial properties. The oil also has cicatrizant properties, meaning it promotes the healing of wounds and prevents scar formation.

Heals skin infections such as eczema and psoriasis - Tea tree oil helps to alleviate the frustrating symptoms of eczema, including rashes, itching, dry skin and blisters, naturally. Excellent for skin inflammation, tea tree oil decreases redness and penetrates deep, to heal, soothe and curb itching.

Those who suffer from psoriasis are all too familiar with the symptoms. Thick, scaly skin with dry, red itchy patches that cause discomfort and even inflammation. While the condition has no cure, the symptoms can be relieved using the healing benefits of tea tree oil.

Treats nail fungus, Athlete's foot and ringworm - Tea tree oil can help eliminate dry, dead skin cells that layer on top of the skin. As an antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, tea tree essential oil helps to alleviate itching and control redness. It also helps to prevent inflammation, infection and scarring.

Although antifungal medications are most commonly used for treating athlete's foot, research suggests that tea tree oil is a promising alternative for alleviating symptoms.
In a controlled, double-blinded study of 158 people, the tea tree oil group experienced a cure rate of 64%, compared to 31% in the placebo group.

Eliminates dandruff - Being a potent antifungal and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil is one of the best natural remedies for dandruff. It can help fight the fungus responsible for causing dandruff, condition the scalp and prevent itching, flaking, and inflammation.
A four-week study in the year 2002 concluded that a concentration of 5% tea tree oil is "effective and well tolerated in the treatment of dandruff." The control group who used the oil showed 40% improvement in their dandruff symptoms, with no "adverse effects," including less itchiness and less greasiness.

Clears up sinus infections - Tea tree oil has been used for centuries to treat bronchial conditions. As an antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil can provide effective relief against cold, cough, sinus congestion and bronchitis.

Relieves sore throat and earaches - Caused by a bacterial or viral infection, a sore throat can be tender, raw and painful and can lead to colds, sinus congestion or even the flu.
Tea tree oil can help bring down the inflammation and alleviate pain. It is best to use when you feel a sore throat coming on so you can stop the virus or harmful bacteria to multiply before it turns to a full-blown infection.