How Do Retinol Face Serums Work?

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Retinols are pretty much the gold standard in improving some of our most annoying skin complaints.

These Vitamin-A based skin solvers are THE BEST anti-aging ingredient on the market. Unlike other solutions that simply mask the symptoms of skin aging, retinol actually fixes the cause by preventing and repairing skin damage.

That means retinol-treated skin doesn’t just look younger—it actually IS younger, at a cellular level. Paired with a good moisturizer, they’ll do more heavy lifting than the rest of your skincare drawer combined and that is why they’re one of our top Anti-Aging Strategies to Start Right Now!

But What IS Retinol?

The retinoid family of molecules is made up of Vitamin A derivatives. Retinol is an ingredient in the retinoid family.

A retinol cream, like the kind you’d find in over-the-counter anti-aging products, contains a low to medium strength retinoid.

Stronger formulation retinoid products, like tretinoin, are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne and scarring and are available by prescription.

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And how does it actually work?

Retinoids work to improve skin on several levels.

The short answer is that retinoid products work by causing skin cells to turn over and die. This increase in skin cell turnover helps our pores stay clear, which is why retinol is such a great acne-fighting ingredient. It can even help with acne scarring.

But skin that more readily turns over also looks better in terms of tone and texture, a couple of the physical markers we associate with ageing.

Retinoids also increases collagen production, which in turn helps our skin look plump and young. This decreases wrinkles by thickening the skin from the inside out. It’s basically a miracle ingredient.

Retinoids often cause redness and irritation early on, especially if applied right after washing your face. Any irritation generally goes away as your skin adjusts.

Retinol products can also cause sun sensitivity, so they should be applied at night, and combined with an SPF-rated moisturizer or foundation

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So which one should I try?

So here is the bottom line: retinoid products are derived from Vitamin A, and applying them to our skin causes skin cells to turn over more quickly. This helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and skin’s tone and texture, and also unclogs pores, improving acne.

If you choose only one ingredient to maintain healthy skin and turn back the clock on ageing, make it retinoids. They are THE GOLD standard.

To get the benefits of a high-end an over-the-counter option, try our Moksha Retinol Face Serum. It covers just about any specific issue you could possibly want to address, this Anti-Aging Retinol Face Serum is a good place to start.

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A retinol serum tends to be lighter and richer, making it perfect for night time use. Ingredients like shea butter prevent precious hydration from leaving your skin. At night, your skin is busy repairing itself – give your skin the support it needs!