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"The quality is really great - the fragrance of this product is really intense! It was right for me as I really enjoy experiencing it! Most of every day retailers doesnt make products that has very intense fragrance - I really enjoyed bathing and showering using Moksha Beauty bath salts and shower gel - the experience is unforgettable!"

-From K

"This shower gel is very useful in the hot weather we have been having the last few days. It is quite drying on the skin so no need for a deodorant."

-From Amazon Customer


-From ravikumar

"That too helped my suffering it does do what it says on it"

-From Butoyi

"Leaves the skin clean and clear been using for a while now and very happy with it"

-From Amazon Customer

"Must be the most expensive shower gel in the world but it does work so will probably buy again ........ unless i find similar product at lower price."

-From Baggy

"Difficult to see how this is marketed as 100% natural when it contains this product which people looking for "natural" products have high on their list to avoid. Could have been easily avoided."

-From RMI

"Can feel my feet cleaner"

-From Mr. K. W. M. Cheng

"Excellent product very "

-From Amazon Customer

"My wife really likes this shampoo,with the tea tree,and lavender it has a lovely fragrant smell,and it seems to wash her her really well,I would highly recommend this shampoo,"

-From bluebrum

"The smell is indeed strong, but it's supposed to be so. Moreover, it's a nice scent, it reminds me of my childhood. I bought it as head lices-prevention, I used it twice and so far it seems to be working"

-From ManuBV

"Is not working for dandruff."

-From Daniela

"Love the smell makes my skin feel squeaky clean"

-From natty04

"I love the texture and feel of this Shower Gel; A little goes a long way. The aroma mixed with the steam of a hot shower is refreshing. The product itself has help me on managing my itchy skin. Very pleased with this product"

-From I M Stacey

"Using this product over time, I have seen an improvement in my overall health."

-From K

"Well.. I have no dandruff but itchy scalp and using every 2. Day atm and my scalp getting better. So it looks like it is a good product and i like the scent after i washed my hair."

-From Amazon Customer

"This was delivered really quickly - used twice so far and all seems good so far - very pleased"

-From Mr. T. D. Villars

"Been using this product for over 8 months now and really happy with it. Its refreshing amd really feel its made a difference on my skin,especially my feet getting rid of all odour. As its quite thick you don't need to use too much as is spreads well over your skin,making it last,and inuse this twice a day!Ive posted a picture of the ingredients as another reviewer stated how the 1st ingredient was SLS however as you see in my pic its further down the ingredient list,containing more of the tee tree and eucalyptus."

-From serhan

"Good purchase. I'm a keen runner and its nearly tidied up my grim feet in less than a week. Smells nice and feel really fresh after a shower"

-From Mad Dog Marty

"Lovely boost to my health. Easy to swallow and I've got no problems with the taste."

-From Miss R.H.

"I followed the instructions and waited but this product did not work on getting rid of my dandruff! what a waste of money!"

-From Amazon Customer

"Does not smell heavenly or anything but pleasant enough. This shampoo lathers like mad, never seen anything like it, its insanely powerful which makes me wonder what's in it or if that's even a good thing or not. So obviously it clears the scalp from flakes instantly but its not a cure or anything, next day or so is business as usual :(I have stopped expecting to cure my scalp with shampoos, I just want them to clean it so I can go outside like a normal person and it seems to do that fine."

-From ET

"Good product."

-From mr richard b marsh

"This is the third time I've bought this product. I seem to be prone to get jock itch and have tried various antifungal soaps to help me. I use this one every time I shower and, ever since I bought the first bottle, my problem has not returned! So, it works for me and I'm very pleased. Regarding the seller - this last bottle arrived damaged. I contacted the seller and they sent me a replacement immediately. Very good service!"

-From SH

"Sorry about the graphic details... I suffer from skin fungal infections due to diabetes and this body wash helps a great deal. Plus it has a very refreshing aroma. What can I say, it works! Thank you"

-From kim johanna baker

"No dandruff no skull itching very pleasant result. Silkylike hair no need to use cream after shampoo. Perfect!"

-From Tulip

"Smells lovely and works"

-From Amazon Customer


-From Sayef-al Dean

"I have a few times about the healing power of Tumeric over pain in joints. I just managed to get a source to buy it with ease. To my surprise, it was magical even from the first capsule that I took before bed, 700mg. I woke as a different person and could not believe that I could climb stairs and walk without feeling any pain in my knees cap. I first thought I was dreaming and throughout the day nothing was felt, now I am advertising it to my friends and family. I recommend that you just have a trial as a seeing is believing."

-From Dee

"Product is organic, good strength and excellent value. Taken to ward off inflammation in joints which is kept at bay.Have recommended it to other rheumaticky friends!"

-From Fanshaw

"love it"

-From TonyD

"Seriously love this stuff but it's expensive"

-From Alana Jacobs

"Would of liked a bigger bottle My son used it really fast, but it was delivered fast which is good"

-From Teresa crane

"I bought this to use after B jiu jitsu due to the close contact you have with people and on the mats, I thought I would give it a shot because of it’s anti fungal properties. It smells fairly nice will most likely buy again."

-From Jak Gregory

"Had itchy scalp and this shampoo help sooth, pleasant smelling and nice to use"

-From Amazon Customer

"I have not been taking these supplements for long but I think I have seen some improvement in my sore shoulder and neck . I will continue to monitor outcomes.I am pleased that these tablets are organic and a good price."

-From lark

"This is a fantastic product. Highly recommended.As I am only using a little at a time it is also great value for the money."

-From allan smith

"Very good product! Beautiful feeling from the first time I used!"

-From Elisa

"Great product"

-From FUNKi

"It finish dandruff in one week."

-From svk

"This has had zero effect on my fungal groin issue. So depressed it has not worked. "

-From neil

"I use this product as a bubble bath. The unsightly fungal infection on my little toes has started to clear up after just a couple of baths with this stuff. The scent is nice - but not too strong. I didnt buy this product for its odour but its healing(!) - ability, and I have not been disappointed. I will be buying this product again."

-From Antony Carter

"Still going. The label manufacturer should have another look at the flags and language, not that it matters. it's still a great stuff"

-From Mr t

"Love this shampoo, feels a real treat after suffering from problems with my scalp. Love the smell, not too overwhelming and a little really goes a long way! Will be a repeat customer."

-From Annamarie

"Does get rid of dandruff but very expensive"

-From Stuart Mooney

"I’ve bought this twice now. I like the fresh smell. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but I like that I feel fresh after a gym session."

-From Michael

"Although it goes not have artificial smell, the soap works and I think it is a good value for money. Using it appropriately, it can also last longer."

-From Amazon Customer

"I am 80 and have always had a dry scalp problem which has recently become worse. I have tried many products with varying results and six weeks ago decided to try this product. Whilst the results are not 100% perfect it is the most effective shampoo I have used to date and I will staying with it."

-From David S

"I really like this shampoo as it cleans through hair thoroughly, the tea tree oil helps to break through any grease and oilOn my scalp leaving my hair very fresh and clean."

-From L. chard

"The product did not work with reducing/getting rid of dandruff and caused more dryness.I understand it may not work for everyone, however, I emailed the seller 2 times and its been 2 weeks now and I haven't heard anything back.They falsely say "100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE" and if not "FULL REFUND - NO QUESTIONS ASKED"But this is not true."

-From AmazonCustomer

"It smells very fresh as you would expect with tea tree. It has a good foam and I would recommend this shower gel product to others who have dry irritated skin. It’s certainly reduced mine, however, obviously as long as tea tree is generally tolerated."

-From Elaine Roberts

"really great perfume and lather and helps itchy head"

-From elizabeth main

"I've enjoyed using the shampoo, the scent is very strong but pleasant, it's a nice shampoo which has been getting rid of dandruff so far, can't comment on if it's very affective as haven't used it for that long yet but liking it so far"

-From Girl101

"I really like this product and that it is natural! After I got off the pill, my acne returned and the use of this product helped reduce it a lot! I use it in the morning and evening. After using it for a week, I started using other products in addition. After washing my face with this product, I use the following product "Natures Aid Triple Strength Rose Water" (, and after this, I use the following product: Sukin Facial Moisturiser 125ml ( to moisturise my skin. After using these in combination, my acne clearly reduced after 11 days! I ordered this product again yesterday and will keep using it.Excellent product, works very well for me and can only recommend."

-From Nathalie Brandt

"Started to work within a few years with appearance greatly improved. I have used several anti-fungal nail products and would recommend this one the most by far"

-From david

"My knees have been playing up for a while now, and my job doesn't really help with thisI didn't really want to bother my gp and go down the arthritis drugs and painkillers route if I didn't have to, so I thought I'd give these tablets a goI'm not very good at taking pills as I don't like swallowing them, but these were really easy to swallow and really not that bigI've only been taking them for a few days but I can feel some difference already, I was a bit sceptical at first but I'll definitely keep on taking them as it's all natural ingredients and can only help with the inflammation and pain"

-From A Walton

"I really like the fact that it does calm down my dandruff. And it isn't overpowering, but smells really nice. I used it with a normal conditioner and it worked really well - it also lathers nicely, so I was happy to give my head a good massage for several minutes. I really like it and would definitely buy it again! Well worth the money as my dandruff had got bad after using a cheaper shampoo! Gone a week with no itching...brilliant!"

-From fiona miller

"After a week of using it I can see improvements to my hair and I don’t have so much dandruff anymore. "

-From Alex25hjc

"I love the scent, the effect, and the name "Moksha"!"


"The shampoo has a strong smell of the tea tree oil. I don't suffer from dandruff but use this once a week for a change for my hair from my normal shampoo and to protect my hair/scalp.You leave the product in for 5 mins. By which time your hair has soaked up most if not all the lather that was produced. When rinsing the shampoo out your hair is notably and audibly clean - squeeky clean!I am happy with the purchase and would recommend to others."

-From Missy T.

"I ordered this product for myself and my daughter, we both suffer from dandruff and itchy scalp. It's been amazing, I haven't had any dandruff since using it. My scalp hasn't been itchy either. I like the smell and my hair feels soft and manageable. My daughter has already ordered more."

-From Birdy


-From Claudia

"Helps soothe symptoms of my skin condition and lasts ages. Only thing is that it would be good if it foamed up more."

-From blondiebear

"I have problems with dandruff for years so I've tried lots of shampoo and tratament. Few months ago my hair start to be very grassy. The Tea Tree shampoo help me with both problem after first use. I used twice and is better and better so now is my favourite hair product!!The tea tree smell is strong but I love it."

-From Andreea Condrea

"Seems to be doing the job. Pleasant fragrance."

-From Mr B J Buxton

"Glad I tried it, keeps my hair oil free for longer then 2 days , which is amazing results in my case . Great smell and foaming good. Much better shampoo then big brands I've used before. Would definitely recommend for long hair , brushes absolutely stunning. Plus doesn't wash off colour of my hair as aveda did. Thanks"

-From Diana

"After a long search I think I've found the answer! Thus shampoo is amazing, I've been using it for a week and can't believe the difference in my hair/scalp. I've had an itchy uncomfortable scalp, not dandruff, for a long time but no more. Thank you."

-From JJ

"First time trying this brand and I opted for these as they are organic and suitable for vegans and I like that they are one a day. The size is nice and they are easy to swollow.The contents are sealed and a best before date is also provided with a nice long date. I like that I can easily open the bottle as sometimes I struggle with other brand packagaing.The price point is perfect too for 120, I will definitely be buying these again."

-From Trisha

"Great Product.....will be buying again when i run out :)"

-From Amazon Customer

"Brilliant stuff soothed my dry itchy skin will repurchase"

-From alison mulholland

"Excellent shampoo. Day three post my hair wash and no dandruff yet. Amazing! It’s a little pricey for the amount of shampoo in the bottle but I can live with that!"

-From WI C

"I had trouble with itchy, flaky, oily scalp, which drived me crazy so decided to give a go with this product. Used this shampoo 4 times so far and can see the difference. Flakes has been reduced nearly to zero, skin doesn't itch like before. Definitely there is potential in this shampoo. On top of that it protects from head lices often found at schools (I'm dropping my child off every day so there is real risk). The smell of shampoo is ok, not to much important for me as long it does good job. Shampoo makes nice foam so don't need to use a lot of it. After wash my hair feels a bit rough but conditioner helps to manage my hair. When shampoo gets on my face, the facial skin feels a bit tense, and quick dose of moisturizer helps.This small bottle will last about a month for often use. I give this shampoo 5 stars rating because does good job. For scent, value for money and presentation 4 stars rating. Will buy again when it will be on offer."


"Better than anything else I've used."

-From Haaras

"After first use hair felt sqeaky clean immediately, I personally wasn’t iver keen in the scent, I like tea tree and I like lavender but mixed together was a no for me, but the scent is just a personal preference and makes no difference to its use. I usually wash my hair every other day but after first use I went on to not wash my hair for another 3 days and the same again after second use, I am sure using this would knock my shampooing down to every 3rd or 4th day. I personally think it’s a little expensive for the size of bottle but you really do use such a tiny amount and it lathers up nicely but not lots of foam just enough to shampoo well. I would buy again, just the scent puts me off a little but maybe the more I use the more I will get used to the scent, so all in all a good shampoo that does exactly what it says on the tin"

-From helen

"this is lovely stuff, only problem is all family use it so it's not going to last too long, but will defo order more. Helps with my feet and teenage acne. Thumbs up for this."

-From Amazon Customer

"I like that the shower gel left me feeling clean and not like there was still a film on my skin."

-From Gillian

"Great product, arrived very quickly too."

-From Seph

"Really strong and little does go a long feel proper alive after this one"

-From Kristiina

"I was pleasantly surprised by this shampoo, it is not at all strong smelling and the lavender smell is really niceI've used it a couple of times now and it has left my scalp invigorated, and my hair soft and nourished, a little goes a long way with this shampoo, it lathers up easily and will certainly keep dandruff at bayI have dry coloured hair and was worried about using it, but I didn't have to be, it has all natural ingredients in it and I will certainly keep using it, I've tried various 'big' brands only to be disappointed and for my hair to suffer, but I can see and feel a difference in my hair alreadyI would recommend this shampoo"

-From A Walton

"Not for me I'm afraid. After about a week of taking them I started to feel sick in the morning. Stopped them for a couple of weeks then started again after a few days the sick feeling returned."

-From Amazon Customer

"Love this shower gel. A little goes a long way Some tea tree products are quite overwhelming but this one is not, perfect balance with the eucalyptus. The anti-fungal qualities in the shower gel have improved a problematic area which is great. Would highly recommend this product."

-From Annamarie


-From Greybags

"Nice shampoo, and pleasant fragrance, but the Cap would not press down to open, this no good when under the shower, it had to be opened by removing the whole Cap."

-From P K Balsdon

"A very nice nice product, but unfortunately let down by the Cap, which in the end had to be completely remove, which in a Shower was a nuisance. I also had the same problem with their Tee Tree and Lavender Shampoo. I could not use it as couldn't press it open."

-From P K Balsdon

"Absolutely gorgeous shower gel and has helped my underarms. Everything I was using was stinging and making the rash worse. So happy I purchased it ☺️"

-From Amazon Customer

"I have very dry and frizzy hair which tangles up very easily and can be quite difficult getting the knots out. Ive used this shampoo thrice now and my hair feel softer and doesnt knot easily. It smells very nice, my nieces catch headlice very easily and they have started using it but it's too early too tell regarding whether it helps prevent head lice or not"

-From A L

"Very nice shampoo with light scent of tea tree ( the smell reminds me aroma oil), also used it couple times and dandruff rapidly decrease. I was amazed with how full bottle came, I would say it was ovefulled :), so seller didn't lie about ml ( how it usually in the shop when the bottle is 3/4), so really happy with purchase and not regret about purchase. Definitely recommend who has dandruff issues like me."

-From anastasiya

"Very nice"

-From Ecaterina S.

"The smell is absolutely gorgeous and my hair felt so so clean after, I've never had a shampoo that's worked so well and properly washed my hair. It also left no flakes which I'm very impressed with as I've used others that claimed to help with dandruff and didnt: but with this I seen the difference in just one way. 10/10 will buy again"

-From Ben and michaela

"I have suffered with dandruff for years, trying various products on the market which haven’t helped. I had accepted that I couldn’t wear dark coloured tops anymore... until I tried this product. After only 2 washes, I have seen a vast improvement which I suspect will only improve further with future washes"

-From Amazon Customer

"As the name suggests"

-From t bailey

"very good product, makes you feel really clean and fresh."

-From barry surridge

"Expensive but great!!!"

-From Ik tawfiq

"I’ve had a maddening jock itch for years. This works 100% and after my first wash. My skin is starting to recover fast, no more itching. To get the best effect, I decided to change how I shower. Rinse first, then stop the shower and really lather up where it’s needed and regular gel elsewhere. Then rinse off. The smell is eucalyptus medicinal. A bit like Vosene. But it’s fine."

-From Mr. C. Mahon

"I have tried many products to relieve my itchy scalp. None have worked as well as this. I have used it twice and can already notice a difference. The tea tree and lavender gives a relaxing experience too. Highly recommend. Will be buying again."

-From Lucy bournes

"Great product, value for money, nice scent"

-From Cemal Pastirmacioglu

"O my this shampoo is the most amazing and magical products .I had a great chance to try it and I do not regret spendet on the product that much is worth even more than that . Your head will feel amazing sofy and you will not have any draft or achy scalp. Is such a amazing product deserves more than Shampoo is a magical product whichone will change your life forever !! You must have it."

-From Amanda

"Been waiting to write the review so product had a good amount of time to work. It certainly does.A nice thickness to the shampoo, it's not too runny and lathers up nicely. The scent is there but now overpowering.It definitely works, leaving hair flake free and soft. No more pricey than branded versions, we will definitely continue to use.Worth trying if you need help with your hair!"

-From Mrs Reviewer

"Excellent product, been using it for a few weeks now and love it. Perfect for dry skin and fungal-like conditions (athletes foot) etc. The smell is not too overpowering and the good feeling of freshness is most satisfying. I am definitely a repeat buyer of this product, highly recommended"

-From James

"Great salts with a fantastic smell. Tried many of them and these are some of the best"

-From StraightPoint

"I have fine and oily hair and this shampoo was a great lighter option whilst still cleansing the hair! I wasn’t sure if I would like the scent but it wasn’t overpowering and left me feeling refreshed"

-From Hannah

"I absolutely love this shampoo. I love anything which has Tea Tree oil and Lavender ingredients and this shampoo has exactly that, I just can't stop sniffing the scent. This product has just been launched so I wanted to try it as I suffer with itchy scalp which causes me dandruff. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties which would be ideal to get rid of my dandruff and prevent it from coming back. I have used it 5 times so far and I am very happy with it and I have noticed a significant difference to how my scalp feels which is an instant and soothing relief.This shampoo can be used for any hair types and I have dry coloured treated hair, so it is perfect for me as it does not bleach out my hair colour, it also prevents less hair loss, which I also suffer from. It is very foamy, so you don't need to use too much and it lathers so well, that I feel my hair and scalp is thoroughly and deeply washed and it leaves my hair soft, shiny and squeaky clean.This shampoo is so pure that it is suitable for children and has the benefit of preventing head lice, it is great for my teenager as it also prevents acne on the scalp, so the whole family can use it.It is fantastic value for money and I will be using this shampoo for a long time to come. If you are looking for a shampoo which has a lot of great benefits for your hair, this is the shampoo for you and I highly recommend it."

-From Koula Kantou

"Nice shampoo"

-From cathy

"It’s ok"

-From Mrs. Simona Marciulionyte

"The product help a bit"

-From Bakri

"Lovely fresh smell, leathers up nicely and left my hair feeling nice and smooth and soft. A lot of tea tree shampoos can be very drying so I was pleasantly surprised with this one :)"

-From Ladybug1802

"Doesn’t work and capsules too big"

-From Karen Wilkins

"Works like a charm"

-From anon3223

"I am suffering with itchy scalp since few friend recommended me this helped my scalp alot and hairfall has decreases as well..not much perfumed which is good.."

-From Shafaq Waqas

"Seems to be working and smells quite nice"

-From Amazon Customer

"I don’t usually suffer with body odour , but after long cycle rides armpits can start to kick up a bit. I found regular supermarket shower gels did not always get the area clean, but this product does a great job. Really recommend, give it a try."

-From Tyles76

"First time buying, all went as expected, Too early for me to say if they are helping with my problems, taste was not to bad especially once you get used to it, would prefer them being a bit smaller but I did manage to get them swallowed ok."


"" very quick delivery and quite easy to swallow despite being quite large. I really think they are helping with my osteoarthritic pain.”"

-From R J Evans

"Great scent very good quality does the job! Could not be happier!"

-From Dave

"This shower gel makes you feel really fresh and clean."

-From abi clear

"Quite expensive for a small bottle, but you don’t need a large amount if you use a shower sponge. Appears to be working well as the skin irritation I was experiencing is better. Smells quite strong when it’s first out of the bottle, but the smell doesn’t linger. Feels fresh."

-From Natalie

"It's probably because I'm in my first trimester but I wasn't impressed.... While washing my hair I was a bit struggling. Couldn't spread it all over my hair and it split my hair so was difficult to wash it away. I didn't like the lavender smell eather. However this is 100% because of my skin condition. Obviously the shampoo is absolutely fine, it's smells normal just too strong for me at the moment and I adore lavender smell... Usually!!! I couldn't open the bottle, not sure why. I was keep pressing and pressing but couldn't open it. After drying my hair was very soft and shiny. It's quite good actually."

-From Mariya

"This shampoo not only smells clean it makes your hair feel soft and refreshing,would definitely buy again."

-From Kerry Horton

"I used Moksha for few weeks and now i can see less dandurf! Works perfectly! Smells lush!"

-From Guest

"I liked the fragrance- a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender which was not overwhelming.The shampoo left a tingling sensation in my scalp which felt refreshing and was long lasting.This shampoo has not been tested on animals and is suitable for vegans.It has been a very pleasant shampooing experience and my scalp feels soothed and not itchy."

-From Nuria Bear

"I bought it as one review said it was good for skin with eczema. It smells very fresh. I have used it in the shower and then used a barrier cream on affected areas. It has started to clear up by eczema. Some shower gels and creams irritate my skin but this has been very gentle."

-From Laura

"Item arrived as promised, no problems, would use again, Great communications between seller, very courteous and friendly email received, I don't think you will have any problems with this seller"

-From Mr blue sky

"Have been buying this for a while, unlike similar products this works having good level of tea tree oil and smells good with good lather. Please keep making this!"

-From jennysmort

"Absolutely love this shampoo smells gorgeous instead of all the other anti dandruff that smell medical and it leaves your hair smooth shiny and dandruff free. Going to try other items in this brand."

-From 54l54

"bought to solve some areas of yeast infection, already seeing some improvement. Lovely fresh smell and lathers well."

-From suffolk lady

"Refreshing shower gel. You don't need much to get a good lather going. Anti-fungal as well, so perfect for preventing sweat rash etc. Great smell too. This is now my preference for shower gel."

-From blackdog

"I brought the Moksha Tea Tree Oil as I suffer from a itchy, flaky scalp and wanted something to relive this issue. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I am seriously impressed! So far it works like a dream, I have less dandruff as a result and my scalp has been less itchy. Amazing! I plan to continue using this one a week and will definitely be buying more."

-From sabinaW

"I was looking for a tea tree shampoo as my scalp was very dry and itchy. I saw this shampoo and decided to try it out. To my surprise, Im happy to say my irritated scalp has improved so much, just after the first use! A pretty amazing magical potion Id say."

-From Leann D'Silva

"This is so good, although expensive but can go a long way. You can feel is working. I recently changed to washing sheets at a higher temperature and using antifungal laundry additive and using this I can feel a lot better that I am eradicating my body and house of unwanted fungal spores etc. Very refreshing and well worth buying. Used it in hair as well a couple of times not all the time to avoid drying it out too much and there is no longer a smell on my scalp when I haven't washed it. Brilliant. (May need to moisturise more than usual as is drying at first."

-From Bumble

"This is the best shampoo I have used for my dry itchy scalp and I have used quite a few. It lather ups really well so you do not need alot of shampoo. It smells lovely and left my hair feeling squeaky clean and really soft. Do not hesitate to give it a try!"

-From jenny

"It's a lovely shower gel, smells great, bit smaller than expected but you only need to use a little bit so I expect it will last a long time"

-From mrs s j dixon

"I have tried nearly every anti-dandruff shampoo on the market and I was at my wits end. My scalp was constantly itchy and was unbearable. Most shampoos stripped my hair and it was looking limp but this was so luxurious, it lathered well and left my hair with such a shine! I will defiantly be buying again."

-From Sarah Walsh

"First impressions are very good - smells fresh, lathers well, and leaves skin feeling smooth."

-From Millstone

"i had a sore i growing toenail this shower gel sorted it you smell so fresh clean would really recomend this to everyone"

-From clucka

"This shampoo is great.I’ve been using it now for just under a week (only washed my hair twice) and already I can see an improvement. My scalp has been dry or itchy for a while. I’ve bought and tried numerous shampoos, spent a small fortune only for most of them to make my scalp worse. When I initially came across this product I thought I would buy some and give it a go, i had tried everything else. What did I have to lose??. If i’m being honest I wasn’t expecting much as most shampoos I’ve used before didn’t make a difference but wow! There was an instant relief to my itchy scalp, My hair looks healthy and feels really soft even without using conditioner. I also seen it can be used to prevent head lice which is great cos I can use it for the kids as well instead of buying separate products! I can’t recommend this highly enough, as someone who has sensitive skin and can’t use most shampoos because the fragrance is too much and irritates my scalp this shampoo has brought me relief after just two washes!"

-From foxy_no1

"Nice apart from SLS. Quick delivery- thank you."

-From LT

"as described, good service"

-From p childs

"It smells nice but I don't think it's had the required results"

-From richard weaver

"Excellent product, felt really clean and fresh after showering."

-From Patti

"Really happy with my purchase. The shampoo smells gorgeous and lathers up nicely. After just one use I have noticed a huge decrease in the amount of dandruff I was suffering from and have felt no need to itch my scalp. Extremely pleased to have found something that works and is affordable. Definitely recommend!!"

-From Naomi

"I would highly recommend, I had an itchy scalp with some flakes and all that has totally gone. It gets hair really clean feelling and the smell is amazing!!!I loved it.Renata"

-From P A

"I like this shampoo it has a really nice smell and it cleared my dandruff up. It also left my hair with a really nice shine would buy again"

-From Julie

"I have been using this for around a week now and I am glad i gave it a try. I suffer badly with a dry itchy flaky scalp and no other brand has been able to clear it or even ease my discomfort. Finally I have a shampoo that is soothing and doesnt dry out my scalp. My itching has reduced and so has my flakes. I'm so glad that I found something that truly works. Now I need a conditioner to go with it."

-From Kerry green

"Love this product, nice smell. Used it twice and can see a difference in my scalp/hair already"

-From Sula Quinn

"Really helped with dry sensitive skin. Some tea tree products can have quite a strong smell but that is not the case with this product."

-From Simon Edge

"I am struggling with a fungal infection and this shower gel has become an integral part of my treatment. Smells gorgeous too. You only need a small amount which makes it excellent value. Impressed"

-From S

"This products smells really nice. It lathers up really well, easy to massage into my scalp. Left my hair and head feeling soft and nourished. Would recommend this product.I love the fact it made with natural ingredients too."

-From Sam Epps

"Have only been using this product less than a week, it appears to have helped my skin problem caused by an infection, although using this product in conjunction with medication. But never the less very happy with this product."

-From Linda Pearson

"Very quick delivery and lovely shower gel!"

-From Clarkie

"I was skeptical about the claims for Turmeric and as a long time sufferer of Osteo Arthritis on daily painkillers I thought I'd give this product a try. After one week I noticed the difference and i have to say i'm convinced. This product is the bees knees!!!"

-From PJ95

"They are really nice. Great smell and very relaxing."

-From Charlotte fell

"I love it. Fantastic shampoo and has improved my dandruff massively."

-From Gemma Cottam

"Bought this for my son after a few uses of the product he can see a vast improvement in his dry skinWould I recommend this to people Too Right I WillWould I buy again Yes great value for money"

-From Nellyofbrig

"Not worth the money. Didn't have any improvement with skin used it every day"

-From leon rees

"Great product will definitely buy again"

-From Amazon Customer

"I really like it, and it did help with my mild body acne. Will definitely stick to it!"

-From no102

"It is really helping with my son's athlete foot."

-From Amazon Customer


-From Perveen Abid

"Very expensive for what it is"

-From Nathan Kruse

"The product is exactly as described."


"Nice shampoo good smell and leaves hair feeling clean. Would definitely recommend this product."

-From Jess

"I take Tumeric every day as part of my runner's supplements and I believe it helps with any aches or pains from vigorous exercise. I usually go for the more expensive brands and like to buy organic and this ticks all the right boxes. You get a better supplement if you buy a decent one like this brand. I recommend."

-From filmmaker

"Love it! More than happy to pay a wee bit more for a product that has great ingredients and this is worth every penny. Smells lovely, works like a dream on my sore and angry skin - will DEFINITELY buy again and thoroughly recommend it."

-From Ms. L. Tebbutt

"Great product."


"This shampoo is really luxurious, it produced a really rich lather and left my hair beautifully soft and manageable. Bonus it really helped my daughter's dandruff too. Would highly recommend."

-From laura

"Great shampoo ! I really enjoyed using this shampoo . Firstly it foamed really well and had a refreshing uplifting scent of tea tree and lavender. It was easy to massage into my scalp and hair . After rinsing, my hair and scalp felt really clean and soothed without stripping or leaving my hair dry . I used my normal conditioner afterwards . After drying my hair and scalp was left feeling soothed and nourished with a natural shine . I would recommend to anyone looking for an anti dandruff shampoo ."

-From sarah

"been very stressed ,and my hair scalp became very itchy purchased this really helped my head is calmer ,no itching totally recomend"

-From clucka

"I suffer with alot of pain and inflammation, I've been using these for a month now and I've got to say, my joints are alot less painful and the swelling is not hardly there any more. I am so impressed and would reccomened them to anyone."

-From laura

"I would not go without this product, really pleased!!!"

-From P A

"Last year I started having pain in my left knee. Had it checked out to find it was wear and tear arthritis. It’s mainly in the morning when I wake up. I was told about Turmeric is worth trying as it helps arthritis. I have been taken 1 capsule per day for the last week and a half. I have definitely noticed a difference. And my knee has improved. . . Hopefully it will improve once I have taken these capsules for a longer period. These are definitely worth trying if you are suffering pain in joints.  It made in England and organic. So I trust it to be good"

-From Criss N

"I picked this up at after a friend recommended it. So far the main thing I notice is I have a lot less pain in my left hand due to arthritis. That in itself is reason enough for me to continue using turmeric!!"

-From Deanna Nash

"I love this product. In just a week I can feel and see the difference in my stamina and physical performance. Love it."

-From R.Parker

"Comfy on the skin, smells nice and fresh. I like this product."

-From Daniel J. Staple

"Will keep this in stock because it helps me overall. Highly recommended"

-From W. Harrison

"I have only used two weeks but in that short time I can tell it helps with inflammation. I forgot to take it a few days and by day three I started to hurt. I think Turmeric will be a daily supplement from now on."

-From Maya Norris

"Turmeric has been helping with stiffness and joint paint. Give it time to work and don't stop taking. If I over do my physical activities, I take an extra dose. Been working for me."

-From Louis Lees

"Excellent product and the thought of it being a natural product."

-From stevo

"I got this product because im generally a sweaty person on a daily basis,and was finding even after showering i didnt feel clean and fresh on the underarm area.I use this shower gel purely for my underarms, and it makes me smell clean and fresh. I would recommend this product to anyone in the same boat, or for use after a session at the gym."

-From Gill

"The product smells nice and I have noticed a difference when used after perspiring heavy. You also don’t need a lot to create a good lather for washing with.It is expensive for such a small bottle but I do respect this is a small business. Overall nice product."

-From Akilah Hunter

"Good product works well satisfied with purchase"

-From Rodney Thompson

"Works for jock itch"

-From Joe

"Great item at a great price"

-From James Peter Moar

"Excellent product great quality and price"

-From Mememe

"Shower gel made me feel clean & fresh It has a pleasant smell so is great to use. Came following day"

-From margaret stevenson

"Very fast delivery. Great product, I bought a second package because after the regular consumption of capsules I feel perfectly well, and the problems with my nasal sinuses have virtually passed.THANK YOU"

-From Sofi

"Good service and works well"

-From Robert M.

":) :) :) :)"

-From Amazon Customer

"Great quality suppliment without a strong taste"

-From Jade McGill

"Love the product. its great. Highly recomended"

-From fizz

"I trusted this company only because I was very happy with their bath products. Definetely worth trying! I might be buying this again."

-From Kotryna

"I take turmeric everyday for its anti-inflammatory effects for arthritis in my back and neck. These capsules have been very effective at reducing the pain and making me feel less stiff. I feel like my digestion has also improved since taking them as I feel less bloated. I will continue to use this for my joints because I prefer to take organic natural foods over painkillers that are bad for your stomach."

-From Aish

"I bought these as i've read that Turmeric Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties that aid healthy-looking skin, boosts serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and potential anti-cancer properties. it also helps to improve symptoms of depression and arthritis which i hope are many moons away, but no harm in getting in there earlyTurmeric and especially its most active compound cur-cumin have many scientifically-proven health benefits, such as the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer. It's a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritisits also beneficial that they’re made in the UK"

-From amazon_customer


-From Adam S

"This is the latest product we have tried and it looks to be effective with noticeable improvements in skin and no side effects either. This has a pleasant and slightly medicated smell. The green colour is quite vivid. The smaller bottle is handy for travelling or home shower use. Happy to continue using this in the longer term."


"The capsules arrived quickly and packed well i have found them beneficial and they have helped with pains they are also easy to take compared to some. Overall im happy with the purchase."

-From michellemccallion

"Excellent product. High strength. Will buy again."

-From Karen McCormick

"I have left reviewing this product for a month or so in order that I could see whether I got any benefits. Firstly I was pleased that they were made in the UK, and also that they contained pepper to aid absorption. They are high strength so you only need to take one a day. I have problems with my knee so was keen to see whether these would help. I am definitely having few issues with my knee since taking these so am happy with the results. Will definitely purchase again."

-From ovended

"Been taking these for about 5 days and can see a difference to my arthritic knee already. The pain has considerably reduced and the swelling has gone down. Highly recommend these capsules and the seller."

-From Brandy

"Wow !! I'm So happy I ordered this shower gel !! I was with problems with eczema, dermatitis and ich at my body and very very dry feet, went in doctors and they couldn't diagnose what exactly was... They advised me to stop all my routine shower products, soaps, shampoos etc, I did but didn't get better and I couldn't take shower just with water, so I decided to try this one and I don't know how, but my skin problem is gone... I'm still shocked but very very pleased !! Will definitely order more, also it's so refreshing and doesn't stick at the shower floor and surfaces, it's amazing, 100% RECOMMENDED !!"

-From Fran Smith

"Bought this for itchy skin and it works if used regularly."

-From roho2453

"Nice and refreshing and helping with itchy skin. Would recommend."

-From DSM

"Not bad but I’ve used better products for a cheaper price."

-From Mr. James D. Malin

"I just started using this soap, so I’m not really sure it’s gonna work. For now I can say that the smell is good and delivery was super fast. "

-From Giorgia

"Works very well. Will order again from seller."


"Did exactly what I needed & performed as expected going on other reviews, fast delivery, highly recommend"

-From Mike

"Smell lovely make you feel relaxed. Only thing is had mentioned I would get a free gift nothing came with them."

-From Samina ahmad

"A really great product. Definitely has improved my skin condition and stopped the itching.I will definitely be reordering when it runs out."

-From SSD

"I use it as shampoo/body wash. Seems to clean very well and smells of eucalyptus. I am not sure about the antifungal claims."

-From Matthew66

"What an excellent product this soap in super to use, clean and fresh smell, certainly will continue to support this gem of a product."

-From Amazon Customerjohnsmith

"me and husband have only been taking a few days they are big but easy to take with no after taste will definitely get some more"

-From kelly tekell-rogers

"I used it just for a couple of days, arrived recently but I can say, it is a good product,I like the way my skin feels after shower with it. I have a kind of ectoparasitosis and I really hope that the natural products will help me to improve my condition. Lovely smell!"

-From iova marta

"Great product with no unnecessary extras, just cururma and black pepper"

-From Allisonh916

"All okay"

-From Inga

"Easy to swallow no after taste taken with food"

-From Pamela

"Smell amazing and good value. Was like bathing in a peppermint tea! Also helped clear sinuses, would recommend."

-From Amazon Customer

"Brilliant! I Love it. Love it, Love it! Hope to continue doing business with you. Thank you"

-From yvonne edwards

"I have used tea tree shower gel and other tea tree products for several years.Tea tree works for me.used to buy from a well known shopping channel but on this occasion I found Moksa beauty and the bottle size, price and fast delivery was first class.Will make a repeat purchase when my 3 bottles run out !"

-From Amazon Customer

"I bought some bathsalts from yourselves for my daughter at Christmas as she is vegan and loves having baths.She loved them and asked where I had got them as she wanted some more."

-From Marnie

"These are for my daughter who really loves them. They arrived punctually, well packaged and safe."

-From Marnie

"Brilliant gift for a friend who runs and needs the soak, she is thrilled!"

-From Beth Bradley

"She loved her little gift. Smelled lovely too. Would recommend it as a nice little present/gift"

-From Mark B

"I bought these as I have been told that turmeric is good for inflammation. I am taking the and the inflammation in my knee is not as painful as before. I like the fact the are made in the UK and they are very good quality."


"So far so good. Arrived on time and only used three times but appears to be helping with removing or reducing a fungal infection."

-From Amazon Customer

"feeling the benefit from these tablets now. will buy more."

-From DebbiH

"Have itchy skin now and then (allergy related) and was recommended tea tree body wash. This is great and well worth the money. Arrived well packaged and in good time. The product has really helped. Highly recommend!!"

-From Mrs H

"Very nice as a face wash"

-From Amazon Customer

"Good stuff...left me feeling fresh,I would recommend it to anyone...cured my ailment"

-From chris

"Great product highly recomend"

-From rose edwards

"These are great, Ive trued different types and products and these have worked really well amd great proce too. I have issues with my neck and knees and I can notice a difference if i dont take these. I take two at night and two in a morning religiously now. My husband is now taking them, he used to take some that were three times the price."

-From Htt

"Great product, met my expectations in 100%. Thank you:)"

-From Sebastian

"The shower gel is really nice and refreshing I currently have eczema and this has really calmed my skin. My skin is so sensitive and it did not burn or irritate. It would be better value if the quantitywas more. I purchased it last week and it is nearly finished, but I did notice that my son was using it."

-From jws

"What can you say, it's good value for money you get what you pay for and the size is good for the money."

-From Liyaaqat

"As good as described, very content!"

-From john

"Not yet tried it, but good size and price"

-From Miss Denise Leggett

"Excellent service and product! I tend to get itchy skin when using most shower gels , this i have used for the last week and no itching!Excellent product and service"

-From Strat

"been having the worst itch ever, it soothed it down almost immediately, would deffo recommend!"

-From anon

"The ingredients and having to only take one a day was my main reason for picking this product"

-From Sarah Harper

"So far so good. I really like them and take one each day after a meal. You can smell the richness of the tumeric. I hope they continue to maintain high standards."

-From Gracee

"Leaves skin feeling deeply cleansed.Fragrance pleasantly sharp."

-From John C.

"Amazing product!"

-From lisa j-b

"Bought these organic capsules as they’re supposed to have really good anti-inflammatory properties!! I suffer with back problems and i’m hoping these will be really beneficial!What’s great about them is they’re 100% organic and they include cracked black pepper, which helps with the digestion making them more effective. I also love they’re made in Britain "

-From Jack Brammall

"Soap seems decent but is very overpriced."


"I used it for a couple of days and noticed my skin getting very dry. Checked the ingredients and found that one is sodium lauryl sulphate, which is a known skin irritant. If you have sensitive skin or trying to treat a skin condition, you probably should stay away from this product."

-From Ricardo


-From Amazon Customer

"This is a lovely shower gel and I really like the scent."

-From Mrs. E. Vine

"Excellent both in results and application."

-From K J Murphy

"Brought this to treat some itching i had, upon using it for a few days, noticed the itching started to die down. Make sure to leave it to soak on your skin for a few minutes to really do its job, the first few times i would just wash it off too quick and that did barely anything to relieve my itching. Would recommend this product."

-From Sena

"Very nice salts - husband loves them"

-From Smalley

"Helped with Skin conditions. Noticed slight improvement."

-From l.kelly

"I am like it."

-From watana ebbage

"Fantastic product iv bought loads of this type of showergel from amazon as i suffer from Fungal problems like athelites foot and jock itch. It has a good lather a generous amount of tea tree oil as you can smell it coming through and doesnt leave you smelling like a herb afterwards it also cured my problems in days"

-From Amazon Customer

"Really pleased with this product. We are all using it now to prevent athletes foot. It is soothing and effective"

-From Katherine

"Quick delivery but unacceptable packaging. Would never ever buy in a shop. I bought it as a gift and the label is peeling off, can barely read the ingredients. Looks like it's been sitting in an attic for years and discarded to a charity shop. Definitely can't gift it to anyone, embarassing!"

-From Nancy

"I am very happy with this product. It arrived very quickly. The smell is amazing and it leave your skin super soft. Highly recommended"

-From Amazon Customer

"Hoping it will help with inflammatory condition so can stop taking pain tablets"

-From Laura Boothman

"Fresh, clean smell."

-From l m slough

"Tried a lot of salts. And this was the best! Relaxes and small amount will be enough for any bath"

-From David Jones

"Great purchase and extremely satisfied with the product. Will purchase again due to the quality of the product on offer and fantastic customer service. Look no further if you are looking for this type of product."

-From Primeshopper

"great to give as a present"

-From Dawn

"Missus loves it."

-From Jay

"Great product, smells great and lasts a while"

-From Abhishek P.

"i gave the Bath Salts Stress Relief to my mum and see said it was a wonderful christmas gift becasue she knew i knew how much she loves Bath Salts. Thank you for making my mums christmas a relaxful one! happy new year for 2019"

-From Sofia Roberts

"Beautifully presented with and smells wonderful"

-From Hemsonian

"Bought to help with skin rash although I am not a fan of the smell of tea tree oil this product worked really well. I will continue to use to keep my skin healthy"

-From Kindle Customer

"Appears to be a good body wash"

-From Russell Widdows

"This is a Great productBrought for my wife who has a very stressful job.After using she feels relaxed and stress free, she will be purchasing more in the future, I would recommend these to anyone who is stressed out10/10Will be recommending to all my friends."

-From Tony Blake

"Amazing smells wonderful and helps with any fungal issues except nails."

-From wahid

"Love the fact that the turmeric capsules are manufactured in UK."

-From S.R

"The turmeric capsules are very good size and makes for my daily dosage of organic turmeric"

-From K. DHAR


-From Lucy C.

"Exactly What I wanted"

-From Robert Sear

"Fantastic product. Very soothing on the skin and smells lovely. Can't recommend it highly enough 5 stars!"

-From Mrs. D. L. Spreadbury

"Got this for a friend for Christmas. Smells amazing. Came within 24 he's. Nicely packaged."

-From Teresa Cuttell

"Very good body wash it works from the first use. I think looking at the results i will not hesitate to buy again. I am happy with purchase and will recommend to all."

-From Sohail Malik

"I have psoriasis its really bad on the feet and since I have used this product daily its calming down its a lot better."

-From  Patricia Ward

"Nice, but not full to top? No seal on top when opened?"

-From D.

"It’s is watery but you only need a little if using a body puff to wash. Will last a long time so great value for money. Have tried many many many different products before finding this and am very pleased with the results so far :)"

-From Maggles83

"Absolutely brilliant service the aroma is wonderfully refreshing and relaxing"

-From Scooby

"It’s a fantastic product .. thank you "

-From Amazon Customer

"Very quick delivery and delivered as advertised"

-From Rob


-From Edwina Jones

"This is a good product. It’s a refreshing cleansing shower gel that leaves you feeling fresh"

-From Fergal B.

"OMG! This bath salt is amazing. After reading the on line reviews on Amazon I did think it would be too good to be true. BUT, having used these myself - wow. The whole house smells wonderful - If I could eat them I would. Its just a wonderful way to end a stressful day in Aviation. Thank you Moksha Beauty for making such a wonderful product. "

-From Zahida Smith

"Tried this because of irritation with soap works well I will be using it from now on"

-From gary wilson

"Great product . The lovely smell makes you feel clean and refreshed ! It’s not a too overpowering smell of tea tree ."

-From Alex P

"I love the Moksha bath salts. I really love a long soak in the bath and these bath salts are just the best to relax with, my favourite ones are Lemon and Ginger and Peppermint and black pepper."

-From Juliet Snuggs

"Is the product cap-sealed? There is no sealing cap whatsoever in the item that I received."

-From Amazon Customer

"Early days but the one thing that jumped out at me compared with other similar products I have tried is that this is really 'watery'; Gel suggests I feel a much thicker consistency than this is. As a result it runs away through your hands. As to its effectiveness early days so will update at a later date"

-From Mr Peter Smith

"Straight away I noticed the colour is completely different to the photos you use to sell it to me,"

-From Chris Turk

"I absolutely adore the product. The scent is absolutely amazing and my bathroom feels like a spa. I suffer with a degenerative spinal condition and fibromyalgia so these beautiful salts really help me."

-From Hel Kelledy

"Fantastic shower gel, has such a nice and natural smell!"

-From Andrew Hutchison

"Love the tea tree range.Love usuing this on my body"

-From Amazon Customer

"This was brought as a christmas present, smells delightful. Will smell lovely in the bath"

-From Amazon Customer

"second bottle of this product tried numerous washes have bad psarois this product calms it down"

-From patricia ward

"Such a good product, they were bought for my partner to see if they helped ease his backache and they did just that, they were so good I had to try them myself. Delivery came early which was brilliant as we could try them sooner. Would 100% buy again"

-From Alisha


-From AJayBee

"This is very soothing to itchy skin. I’m very pleased with the product and will buy again"

-From Sybil5

"I love the smell and effect of this shower gel, I can't recommend this enough.Only minor suggestion is to also put on the label that it's anti-bacterial too."

-From Mg

"Amazing bought them for a freind and she can't believe how good they are and how much they helped her feet,she just soaked them for a short time and she felt great,so much so I purchased again"

-From Donna glass

"expensive and nothing special"

-From norman

"Excellent product, delighted with my purchase"

-From Alan Redpath

"Excellent product, highly recommended"

-From wayne doyle

"Excellent product !"

-From Barbara

"These salts make bathtime luxurious."

-From ad

"Good size and the smell is good but really very strong, a bit too strong for me."

-From Kingsley Aldershot

"Hi. I initially brought the first item last week, I was so impressed with it I quickly brought another before I ran out!!Not only is the newer one I have just received alot darker in colour which wouldn’t matter. BUT also most of its writing has been rubbed off, the lid has so many scratches on it it’s very visible but the really disappointing bit was that it smelt COMPLETELY different!!! It’s not remotely similar to the first one I brought so I am very disappointed in this because I liked the original so much!!!"

-From Amazon Customer

"This is my second purchase after buying the peppermint and black pepper bath salts. They smell amazing and leave your skin feeling soft, would recommend."

-From Sharna Lou

"Bought for my Nephew he really loves it. It helps his skin feel good and healthy. He has tried other product but always goes back to this one."

-From Liz Ann Dean

"I bought this because I get thrush on my skin due to the high dose steroids I am on. The first time I used this it began to clear up my thrush. It has stopped the itching and soreness, I highly recommend it."

-From Jane

"Smells lovlely, got 3 uses out of it"

-From Amazon Customer

"Lovely scent very relaxing.. Small tub thoughl"

-From Mrs H

"I don’t remember spending times soaking on long baths when I used to live in Brazil. We don`t do many baths and I guess it not a common or popular thing in warmer countries. However, baths started to make more sense to me since I have moved to the UK. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a dip in the hot tube after a stressful cold day.To my surprise, it can be a great alternative to deal with the harsh summer days too.Most of the bath salts available in the market promise to do a miraculous recovering in your body. I have tried many brands and different types before but never got it so seriously. It was more like an excuse for relaxing.To point out other benefits of bath salts in your body, we would need a day in a half to list all of them. There are numerous. From softening your body to get a better sleep after using it.I got the Clarity Of Mind - lemongrass and ginger to try on because I love this combination of fragrances.The first impressions were all good. A 100% natural ingredients bath salt that does not mess around with animals. I believe the beauty industry is more concerned about the benefits of their products to people and the planet. It’s always a positive mark!As soon as I started running my bath, I have noticed the essences of lemongrass and ginger took over not only the bathroom but the bedroom as well. It has a pleasant and fresh fragrance, not overpowering.It comes in a 450 grams packaging. As I just needed a small quantity of salt to run a decent bath, I guess you ended up saving money with the product. And, the packaging has another positive mark. It is made of PET plastic, which is 100% recycled. No wasted plastic in this one.It was definitely an interesting and different experience. As soon as I have stepped I could feel my skin absorbing the product quickly. The feeling was of the skin is not only moisturised but also rejuvenated.I am sure there are plenty of dead and dry skin effects in your body during the summer too, as a natural skin exfoliator, salt baths help to cleanse the toxins, and boost its natural immunity.In my opinion, the fragrance is the best feature in this product. I like the benefits of an effective bath, but the smell of the essential oils in this product really got my heart. I was addicted to the combination of lemongrass and ginger. And I will look for more Moksha products after this pleasant experience."

-From simone ribeiro

"Wonderfull smel. Very satisfied."


"Makes my skin feel soft and clean. Also it has cleared my spots."

-From Amazon Customer

"This stuff really works. It also smells and feels great"

-From stoad74

"Luxurious with great fragrance"

-From Janet Abbott

"Nice fresh smell and good lather. Works well after swimming."


"It’s for a gift"

-From Amazon Customer

"I like the product as it leaves the skin feeling really fresh & clean."

-From Andrew Smyth

"Effective product that smells great! Also it arrived quickly."

-From Elaine

"I bought this for my husband, he has been using this few days , smell very nice and it feels fresh after the shower, I hope it will help towards his skin condition too ."

-From ermioni

"This product is very nice,use this in foot spa 20 mins every night,add 1And Quarter tablespoon of bath salts into mixing container and poor dissolved contents into foot spa,nice and relaxing would by again."

-From Howard

"I love this shower gel ..... my skin is always itchy and bumpy after an allergic reaction a few years ago , it feels so smooth and I have had no irritation since using ..... its brilliant for any fungal skin problems to ( i got this behind my knees for the first time this summer .... hot weather I guess ) and it has cleared that up too :)"

-From c l d'archambaud

"Good value smell graet"

-From mrs julia webb

"As expected"

-From Pauline Gallagher

"Lovely smell but I cannot use these in my foot spa as they turn it yellow, had to use cif to get it off so wont be using in my spa again. Will have to resort to using them in the bath where using cleaning products doesnt matter. Shame as they did smell nice."

-From Sam

"Great product !"

-From Elena

"Lovely scent but it did leave an unsightly water level mark from the colouring that's been used. Otherwise great."

-From ScotsLad

"Got these for my daughter and she just said she “loved them”"

-From Miriam C.

"Very pleased with it it's seems to be working"

-From karen

"Very nice shower gel. Will purchase again."

-From marie benoit

"Great product"

-From Sean Hennessy

"Leaves feet soft and gives a wonderful smell. A tat expensive for such a small pot, hence one star off."

-From I_DW

"I bought this liquid gel soap because I keep getting an infection, so hoping this will go a long way in curing my problem, so after reading the great reviews I'm fingers crossed it helps me.too."

-From Sue & Holly

"lovely and soothing"

-From Amazon Customer

"Great product. Great service. I would definitely buy again!!"

-From Ishtiaq m.

"Does the job well when used every day! A good size bottle & reasonable price compared to others"

-From scotty potty

"brilliant and smells lovely."

-From Elizasmith

"My fungus is on the back foot now"

-From Daniel Hill

"Nice salts, do the job but they have stained the foot spa, just as a warning"

-From JC

"Very good bath salts relaxing and clears the head"

-From Bill Avery

"Nice relaxing bath with these salts and the jar looks pretty sitting on the bath edge too."

-From Kaz

"Smells great, does the job. What more can you want"

-From Ryan Martin

"Nice product. Smells good does Not have a chemical sting. And feel like it works. Only thing wrong it doesn't have a hook or something to hang it with. I understand the extra cost."

-From Fat Surveyor


-From Mr Martin queen

"Tea tree body wash is great in all this hot weather keeps me feeling alive"

-From Amazon Customer

"Like this shower gel and hope it works to clear my fungal nail infection. Tea tree supposed to be best thing to use."

-From Debbie Grundill

"Great product and smells amazing"

-From Peter

"Nice body wash, smells nice. I would buy it again."

-From Amazon Customer

"I love this product already and have only had it a few days. It smells really lovely and is really refreshing."

-From kirsty green

"does not work quite as well as others i have had but its keeping my ,infections at bay caused by medication"

-From Mrs M.

"No complaints. I like the fact that it’s a from an independent producer and seller - and it works. It’s got a beautiful scent too."

-From Robin

"Smells nice but leaves the bath stained yellow, comes off with some Cif and some scrubbing but I don't really want to be cleaning the bath every day after using it."

-From CM

"Terrific salts, very invigorating"

-From Mrs Y

"This jar came well wrapped and on time.These are truly wonderful foot bath salts Because of the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus the aroma is fantastic!It is strong and cleared my sinuses with one sniff !! Although the salts are not soft when dry they kept in hot water and they make the water feel soft and silky.It made my feet feel clean and soft -i love them"

-From C. F. Legge

"Amazing, ideal in my hot tub. Will deffo buy more."

-From Karen Palmer

"The smell is lovely. Skin felt nice after using. Arrived promptly as expected. Too soon to say if it helps with tendency towards fungal nails but both my partner and myself use it to wash our feet for this reason."

-From Catballou

"Great stuff and a little goes a long way thank goodness as not cheap!"



-From denise jordan

"Lathers up well and nice smell Helps the itching in short term but will have to wait and see the longer term benefits"

-From Mr

"This shower gel has a bold and intense 100% natural Tea Tree oil scent. It foams up nicely and leaves me feeling really clean and fresh. The antimicrobial effects of the Tea Tree oil and Eucalpytus are noticeable and effective. Best of all it doesn't dry out my skin or leave it feeling tight."


"Enjoyed using this product"

-From Fred Newell

"Well packed, arrived quickly. Just started to use it, gives a very fresh feel, too early to comment on the long term effect. So far I am very pleased."

-From Amazon Customer

"Really disappointed to find that the No1 listed ingredient for this product is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is a significant skin irritant. I tried this without looking at the ingredients, only to find an hour later that parts of my body had become dry and red. It was only then I realised that this product is virtually just a bottle of SLS with a few drops of eucalyptus and tea tree. Its a bit odd for a product not to list its ingredients - but for the benefit of others, I've taken a picture....use at your own risk...not recommended for sensitive skin!!!!"

-From Tom McC85

"Product came unsealed...the top was sticky where some had leaked out. Strong smell when compare to other tea tree products and I have confidence in using this at all."

-From Nick

"Only used once, so far, great smell nice feel . Thank you"

-From littlemissred45

"I really like this soap. It has a fresh smell and lathers up really well plus a little goes a long way. I use it as a foot soak and it makes my feet tingle and leaves my skin soft and refreshed. I will definitely buy it again!"


"Does what it claims"


"The colour of the salts is vibrant, and on opening the jar, the aroma of the Eucalyptus filled the bathroom. This product has a wonderful aroma, and the salts were bliss to bathe in."

-From priory girl

"very strong smell but did clear the sinuses!Did make me feel really clean and smell didn't linger after showering,great if you font go for perfumed/flowery smells."

-From Tara G

"Excellent use regularly in the bath recommend for anyone to try"

-From kirsty galbraith

"A good product."

-From Amazon Customer


-From Amazon Customer

"These bath salts are lovely. Great smell and it felt tingly! The peppermint was very strong."

-From Amazon Customer

"A good product, but I hope the lavender bits do not clog up my whirlpool bath."

-From Amazon Customer

"I really love this stuff although it is a bit expensive so have to use with care but the smell is heavenly if you like lavender as it is so soothing. Would definitely buy again."

-From J. I. Daly

"I use it for my flaky scalp and heat rash and really does the job. Have to moisturise afterward as it is quite drying it I really like it!"

-From Jacqueline B.

"Very expensive for how small the jar is ☹️"

-From v plunkett

"Loved it"

-From annmarie maclean

"This product is great and natural, pretty much natural with dead sea salts, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. However, I am debating if it is worth the price tag...If you compare it to bath bombs which are about £3-4, I guess so as it will last a few baths however if you compare it to bath salts from the pharmacy etc, it is significantly more expensive."

-From Ruks

"This leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, thanks I will buy again."

-From Mandy

"Item arrived very quick. Beautiful smell of eucalyptus. I am not a bath person but with these salts I will be taking baths more often."

-From Ula N

"I loved the product and I used it to soaked myself in the "

-From sefiat

"got these for my girlfriend who loves her baths an saltsthere were greatly appreciated lovely alive scent fresh and invigoratingwill definitely purchase more in the futuresupport the family run business's they deserve it."

-From DLT56

"another fantastic purchase again for my girlfriendshe loved the aroma of this one warming and relaxingjust the job after a hard day at worktreat yourself or a loved one you can't go wrong withgifts that they actually will use"

-From DLT56

"Total waste of money. They have no scent in the bath and it lasted all of two baths. Ended up with horrid leaves floating around. Kneipp is much better and smells great and goes much further and actually works"

-From blossomstix

"Big fan of these bath salts. A 15-minute soak eases the daily stress and soothes aching limbs. 100 per cent natural ingredients and a nice aroma too. Recommended."

-From Lee Harvey

"Excellent products highly recommend"

-From john kilner

"Good for relaxing bath x"

-From Sylwia

"Amazing smell, helps after busy day to relax."

-From Alina

"Lovely product"

-From CR

"Smell excellent....this is the second one I’ve bought and when put into bath the whole room smells lovelyWill deffo buy more"

-From Chris.H

"These salts are lovely the smell is brilliant and my skin feels really nice when i get out of the bath they also make me feel nice and relaxed and have helped me drop of to sleep better"

-From n harper

"Amazing, feeling so relaxed after first use. These bath salts really relaxes your muscles. Wonderful product"

-From Mayank Nehra

"These bath salts are exceptionally good. I ordered these bath salts to give them a try as I wanted something that was made in UK and not the cheaper versions from China.The fragrance is absolutely amazing. My husband kept admiring the scent even after my bath.I have always loved supporting small businesses and I was very happy to find that these bath salts were manufactured by a family business.I would highly recommend these bath salts. I will definitely be ordering them again."

-From Amazon Customer

"Really nice, smells gorgeous, partner likes it a lot."

-From Stephen Johnson

"xmas pressie appreciated"

-From Amazon Customer

"Smell is divine and makes bathroom even more relaxing."

-From Kaz

"Very please with my Muscle Soak Bath Salts my bathroom smelt lovely after as Well"

-From Amazon Customer

"These bath salts are like heaven in a bath. The smell is gorgeous. And it left me totally feeling stress free and reviitilized after a busy day."

-From Deb

"Lovely. Smells Lovely, did their job.Would buy again."

-From John D

"Love these products!"

-From Amazon Customer

"Very nice and relaxing, smell great. Simple, love it."

-From amy

"Great bath salts.Does what it says on the tin!"

-From Peter Randall

"These bath salts are excellent quality. The aroma is great. Highly recommend them."

-From CEC

"Very good thank you love them i be getting more hope to get some new ones to try out"

-From Ernie

"Smells like lovely lavender. I put a cap worth into the bath and it works wonderfully to enable a soothing bath."

-From Rebeca Suarez

"Bought for my wife for Christmas and she’s really happy with them. These salts have a really nice strong smell, not like some of the others where you can hardly tell what scent it is."

-From Paul


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